2019 Membership Dues Statement

2019 Dues for Regular Members                     $40.00

Reduced Dues for Seniors Age 65 or Older                     $32.00

Clergy, Active Military, or College Student                     Dues are waived by Division

Note:  Please correct any change to your membership in the space provided below.  If you have any questions, please contact Zach Daughtrey at 417-399-6371 or via email at zsdaughtrey33@gmail.com, or President John McEvoy at 816-254-7179 or via email at jamcevoy@sbcglobal.net.



All active members are encouraged to attend the upcoming AOH Lenten Shrimp Dinners in the Redemptorist School Cafeteria at 3333 Broadway, Kansas City, MO.  Dinners are held each Friday during Lent from 5pm to 7:30pm.  Proceeds benefit the charitable purposes of the AOH and Redemptorist Parish.  Monthly Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 7pm in the Redemptorist School Cafeteria.  Please plan to attend these monthly meetings to stay current on all AOH activities throughout the year.


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