NFL Survivor

Join in our 2022-2023 NFL Survivor Game!

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Show off your football smarts, have FUN, win MONEY, and SUPPORT HIBERNIAN CHARITIES!

Here is how this year’s game will work:

  • Must enroll in the pool by September 8, 2022 (day of first game)
  • Entry Fee is a $20 donation and must be received by week 2 of the season or you are out.  Payment may be made to myself, or through PayPal (Dennis Murray or Mike Aylward for support).
  • The pot will be 50% of all donations.  Please see “QUALIFIER” below for full payout.

How to make a selection:

  • Laptop: Once logged in to your Survivor Pool page, click on the “Picks” tab toward the top of the screen.  Click on “Make Picks” and make your selection from there.  Make sure you have clicked the “Save” button.
  • Phone/Tablet:  Once into the app, look for the “Pick’Em” helmet icon at the bottom of the device.  The Pool should pop up unless you are a part of multiple football pools using CBS Sports.  You will then have to tap the name header just below the CBS Sports logo at the top of the device.  Make sure to select the “2020 AOH Survivor Pool” and make your selection from there.  Once again, make sure to click the “Save” button.

How the winner is determined

The winner is determined by the last person remaining during the regular season.  In the event there are multiple players remaining at the end of the season the pot will be distributed evenly amongst the remaining players.  QUALIFIER:  You must continue to make correct picks past week 9 to be eligible to be a winner.  If no one has made it past this point, 100% of the money received goes to the Division.  


1.            Each week, pick only 1 team to win.  If your team wins, you play the next week.  If your team loses or ties, you are out.  

2.            Once a player picks a team, it cannot be chosen again.  That team is locked out.

3.            Players will have an opportunity to select a team within an hour of a game’s kickoff.  For instance, if you have forgotten to make a pick during any of Thursday – Sunday’s games you will still have an opportunity to select a winner for Monday night’s game (within the 1-hour rule).

Issues with PayPal – Contact Katie Daughtrey at
Issues with Survivor Pool – Contact Mike Nash at 

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